46 Shapes – Diamond, Heart and Oval

Teach: Shapes – (Shapes 2 – ( 17 B – Folder)  – Pictures Only)


Activity: All About Shapes Video


Shape – Diamond: dia·mond – [dahy-muh nd, dahy-uh-] – /ˈdaɪ mənd, ˈdaɪ ə-/

                Diamond has 4 sides but a Diamond is tilted on its side (explain thoroughly).

Diamond Cake

Diamond Cookies

Diamond Ring

Diamond Window


Shape – Heart: heart – [hahrt] – /hɑrt/

                Heart has no sides (explain thoroughly).

Heart Balloon

Heart Cake

Heart Cookies


Shape – Oval: o·val – [oh-vuh l] – /ˈoʊ vəl/

                Oval has no sides but an Oval is round (explain thoroughly).

Oval Egg

Oval Table

Oval Chair

Oval Pear


Shapes: shape – [sheyp] – /ʃeɪp/





Word of the day: Newspaper – news·pa·per – [nooz-pey-per, nyooz-, noos-, nyoos-]

/ˈnuzˌpeɪ pər, ˈnyuz-, ˈnus-, ˈnyus-/

Can you read a newspaper?

Who can read a newspaper? (mother, father, dad, mom, etc.)

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