45 Shapes – Circle, Rectangle and Star

Shape – Triangle: tri·an·gle – [trahy-ang-guh l] – /ˈtraɪˌæŋ gəl/

                Triangle has 3 sides (explain thoroughly).

Triangle Candy Corn

Triangle Toy

Triangle Pizza

Triangle Cake


Shape – Square: square – [skwair] -/skwɛər/

                Square has 4 sides (explain thoroughly).

Square Apples

Square Watch

Square Cake


Shape – Circle: cir·cle – [sur-kuh l] – /ˈsɜr kəl/

                Circle has no sides but circle is round (explain thoroughly).

Circle Cookies

Circle Lollipop

Circle Table


Shape – Rectangle: rec·tan·gle – [rek-tang-guh l] – /ˈrɛkˌtæŋ gəl/

                Rectangle has 4 sides, 2 sides are long and 2 sides are short (explain thoroughly).

Rectangle Door

Rectangle Table


Shape – Star: star – [stahr] – /stɑr/

                Star has 10 sides (explain thoroughly).

Star Candies




What shapes can you see?


Shapes: shape – [sheyp] – /ʃeɪp/






Word of the day: Nature – na·ture – [ney-cher] – /ˈneɪ tʃər/

What can you see in nature? (ask the kids this question, accept all answers)

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