43 Page 15 – English Textbook Level One

Teach:  English Textbook Level One – Page 14: Alice & Rosita (Pictures & Textbook)


House – (Home – House / Apartment)

Alice – (Girl – Girl’s Name)

Rosita – (Girl – Girl’s Name)

Fluffy – (Cat – Cat’s Name / Name)


Names begin with capital letters.


Teach:  English Textbook Level One – Page 15: This is Alice’s Family (Pictures & Textbook)



Mother, Mom, Mommy, Mama, Ma

Grandfather, Grandpa

Grandmother, Grandma

Father, Dad, Daddy, Papa, Pa, Pop

Brother, Bro

Sister, Sis


Focus Word(s):

Big Family, Small Family

Big Families, Small Families

Short, Tall

Big, Small


Which family members are in the picture, shown on page 15 (fifteen)?




Word of the day: Mustache – mus·tache – [muhs-tash, muh-stash] – /ˈmʌs tæʃ, məˈstæʃ/

Mustache is hair above the lip.

Men can have a mustache.

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