159 Page 60 English Textbook Level One


Word of the Day Level II: Sibling – [sib-ling] – /ˈsɪblɪŋ/ – Noun 

                                                A brother or sister.


Discussion: What is a SIBLING and do the students have SIBLINGS.

Singular – Sibling (Brother / Brothers)

Plural – Siblings (Sister / Sisters)


                Ask the following:

                                Do you have a little/younger brother or little/younger sister?

Do you have a big/older brother or big/older sister?



                English Textbook Level One – Page 60:  Jobs People Do (Textbook Only)



                Very early, Early, On Time, Late, Very Late

                                Provide a simple explanation with some sort of example, such as:

                                                When does the student go to bed?

When does the student eat?


Focus Word(s): Round – (Round is shape, a 3-D Shape)


Baker – A person, who bakes, makes and sells bread, cake, etc.

Florist – A grower, retailer of flowers, ornamental plants, etc.

Teacher – A person who teaches or instructs, especially as a profession such as an instructor.

Mailman – Postman – A person employed by the post office to deliver mail; mail carrier.




  1. Ask students to guess what the people / workers on page 60 have in their bags/packages/containers/boxes.


  1. Discuss with the students the occupations of the people/workers on page 60.
  2. What do they do? – Example: Teacher teaches in a school.
  3. How do they help us? – Example: Teacher helps students to learn.
  4. Where do they work? – Example: Teacher works in a school.


  1. Ask the students what they can see, smell, taste, feel, and hear on page 60.


  1. Discuss the 4 (four) questions on page 60 and the students write the answers in their textbooks.



No Homework Given

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