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Word of the Day Level II: Magnify – mag·ni·fy – [mag-nuh-fahy] – /ˈmæg nəˌfaɪ/



                What can the students magnify?

                                Note: Microscope, Telescope, Binoculars, Magnifying Glass, Glasses, etc…



                Reading Rainbow Level One Page 39: Spots (PDF &Textbook)



                Ask the students what is the title of the story, and explain that a book has many parts, just as our bodies have many parts.

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  2. Papers – Pages 3. U.P.C. Bar Code (Computer Language)


The dog has spots.

                The dog is standing in the grass.

A cow has spots.

The pig has spots.

                The pig is standing in the dirt.

A ladybug has spots.

                Ladybug is an insect, has wings and can fly.

                Ladybug is on the leaf, and a leaf is part of a flowers or trees which are plants.

The frog has spots.

                A frog is an amphibian and some frogs hibernate in the winter.

The fish has spots.

The cat has spots.

The clown has spots! – [kloun] – /klaʊn/ – noun (A comic performer, as in a circus.)

– (Occupation/Job)



                Reading Rainbow Workbook Level One Page 39: Spots

Give the students 5 minutes to complete Reading Workbook Page 39: Spots



Swap workbooks with different students for corrections.



Ask the students what they can see.



                Reading Rainbow Level One:

Page 39: Spots – Study the Story.

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