15-16 Page 2 – At The Pond



English Textbook Level One – Page 4: Clothing

School – school: [skool] – /skul/
Clothes – clothes: /kloʊz, kloʊðz/ – [klohz, klohth z]
Shirt – Shirts – shirt: [shurt] – /ʃɜrt/
Sock – Socks – sock: [sok] – /sɒk/
Shorts – Shorts
Shoe – Shoes: shoe – [shoo] – /ʃu/
Blouse – Blouses: blouse – [blous, blouz] – /blaʊs, blaʊz/
Skirt – Skirts: skirt – [skurt] – /skɜrt/

Clothes: clothes – [klohz, klohth z] – /kloʊz, kloʊðz/ – Plural Noun
Garments for the body; articles of dress; wearing apparel.


Reading Rainbow Level One – Page 2: At The Pond

We can see a frog.
We can see a turtle.
We can see the fish.
We can see a fox.
We can see the snake.
We can see a butterfly.
We can see a duck.
We can see the pond!

Pond: pond – [pond] – /pɒnd/ – Noun
A body of water smaller than a lake, sometimes artificially formed, as by damming a stream.


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