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                Flag of the day: Page 18 – Washington

                                George Washington – 1st U.S. President



Word of the Day Level II: Letter Xx – X, x – [eks] – /ɛks/ – Noun, plural X’s or Xs, x’s or xs.

The twenty fourth (24th) letter of the English alphabet, a consonant.


Activity: Ask the students who can give five (5) words that begin with letter Xx very quickly.

Note: Letter Xx is the 24th, letter of the alphabet; it comes before letter Yy, and after Letter Ww.



                Reading Rainbow Level One Page 37: Setting The Table (PDF – No Textbook or Pictures)


Here is the mat.

Here is the napkin.

Here is the plate.

Here is the knife.

Here is the fork.

Here is the spoon.

Here is the glass.

Here is the table.



                Have one student be a teacher and give the student 10 points, for being a teacher.


Teacher (The student who is the teacher) Must Ask The Students The Following Questions:


  1. Who can read?
  2. Who can spell the following:
  3. mat
  4. napkin
  5. plate
  6. knife
  7. fork
  8. spoon
  9. glass
  10. table
  11. What can you see?


Note: The Teacher (The student who is the teacher) should write the above words on the board.



                Reading Rainbow Level One:

Page 37: Setting The Table – Study the Story.

                Reading Rainbow Workbook Level One:

Page 37: Setting The Table – Unscramble the words.

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