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Word of the Day Level II: Ingredient – in·gre·di·ent – [in-gree-dee-uh nt] – /ɪnˈgri di ənt/

Discussion: What is an INGREDIENT?

Talk about what is needed when we cook or bake our food.

Example: When we bake pizza we need, flour and water to make the dough, we also need cheese and sauce.  Without INGREDIENTS we won’t be able to make scrumptious foods.


Review – English Textbook Level One – Page 46: Beginning Sounds Rr (Pictures / Textbook)



Rooftop – Rooftops

Raincoat – Raincoats

Rabbit – Rabbits

Lion – Lions

Leg – Legs

Jar – Jars

Jeep – Jeeps

Rope – Ropes


Note: Jar should be discussed, such as “we can put many INGREDIENTS in jar”,

Raining should be discussed as a type of weather, such as snowing, etc…



  1. Have the students read the mini-stories for letter Rr.
  2. Other words that begin with Rr, should be written in their textbook.


Words that begin with Rr:
Robot Rabbit Ruby Rich Rang
Range Roll Rain Run Right
Rice Ruler Ready Roof Rope
Red Radio Railway Rest rainbow




English Textbook Level One – Page 46: Say Out Loud.


1. Rabbit 2. Lion 3. Jar
4. Rope 5. Leg 6. Jeep




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