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Word of the Day Level II: Experiment –

ex·per·i·ment – [noun ik-sper-uh-muh nt] – /noun ɪkˈspɛr ə mənt/

                                 [verb ek-sper-uh-ment] – / verb ɛkˈspɛr əˌmɛnt/

Discussion: What can you experiment with?


Activity: Feel free to demonstrate and conduct some sort of an experiment with students:

How many books can a student can hold?

How many jumping jacks can a student can do?

How long can the student hold his/her breathe?



                Reading Rainbow Level One Page 33: Packing My Bag (PDF, Story Only)


I have my pants.

I have my shirt.

I have my socks.

I have my shoes.

I have my toothbrush.

I have my pajamas.

I have my bear.

I have my bag.


Focus Word(s): Toothbrush, Pajamas, Luggage/ Suitcase (Bag), Trip


Note: What can the students see in the pictures within the story?



  1. What is the boy holding?
  2. Where is the boy?
  3. Is the bedroom (room) clean or dirty?
  4. What is a toothbrush and what can it be used for?

I can brush my teeth, and clean my teeth, etc…

  1. What are pajamas?

Are the pajamas clean or dirty?

Can you wear pajamas to school?

  1. What kind of bear is the boy holding on page 14?
  2. Where is the boy going?

Is the boy going to school / zoo?



                Reading Rainbow Workbook Level One: Page 33

Reading Rainbow Workbook Level One Page 33: Packing My Bag.

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