105 Page 42 English Textbook Level One

Activity: Today’s Date

                Day, Month and Year – (what is today, tomorrow, yesterday)


                What is today’s DATE? (Ask the students to see if they know today’s date).



                Flag of the day: Page 14 – Hawaii


Word of the Day Level II: Choreographer – cho·re·og·ra·pher – [kawr-ee-og-ruh-fer, kohr-]

 /ˌkɔr iˈɒg rə fər, ˌkoʊr-/

                Discussion: What/Who is a Choreographer?

Try to get one of the students to be a CHOREGRAPHER.



English Textbook Level One: Page 42 (Textbook)

Page: 42 – Being Polite.

Have the students read and understand page 42 in the TEXTBOOKS.


Discussion: What can the student see on Page 42.

  1. Why did the boy say THANK YOU to his grandfather?
  2. Why did the children say PLEASE?
  3. Why did the boy say SORRY to his mom?


Focus Word(s): Polite, Breaks, Story



    • Thank You
    • You’re Welcome (You Are Welcome)
    • Please
    • Sorry



                English Textbook Level One: Page 42

Page: 42 – Being Polite – (Study & Understand The Story)

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