Do do do do do do do do-doIt’s for the good timesBabyYou’re working too hardToo many hours on the jobAnd you know it must get better then thisYou’re kiddin yourselfAnd missing your loveIt’s been weeks since you’ve been out with your friends We all need a change once in a whileThe time to make a […]


StrongerStrongerStrongerStrongerStrongerStrongerStrongerStrongerNow nowWhat a feelingYou’re the reasonCan’t concieve itYou cant beat itYou are viableTo my survivalCome and skydiveInto my life We’re inseparableNo one is acceptable (but you)Our love’s indestructableOur bond is unbreakable (that’s true) Let the feeling take controlNow that I’ve got you babyNow that I’ve got you babyI’m feeling strongerNow that I’ve got you babyNow […]

Never Had A Dream Come True

Everybody’s got something they had to leave behindOne regret from yesterday that just seems to grow with timeThere’s no use looking back or wonderingHow it could be now or might have beenOh this I know but still I can’t find ways to let you know I’ve never had a dream come trueTill the day that […]