Bedroom Thang

I know you wanna be my bedroom thang,but you’re much too young.You’re the finest thing I’ve ever seen.You just wanna have fun. I need someone who can scratch my back.I need someone who can carry my pack.I need someone to be with me at night.You’re gonna make me feel alright. Don’t you bother me with […]

Just Got Back From Baby's

(Spoken: Douse that light…) Now I just got back from baby’s,we been rollin’ al night long.I saidI just got back from baby’s,we been rollin’ al night long.She comeon likes and loves me,but I feel like somethin’ wrong. Now, sometimes I go see baby,and sometimes she come see me.I said, sometimes I go see baby,and sometimes […]

Neighbor, Neighbor

Neighbor, neighbor, why you messin’ in my life?Neighbor, neighbor, you’ve been talkin’ to my wife,tellin’ her you seen merunnin’ wild the other night,runnin’ wild the other night. A neighbor, neighbor, theres’s always one in every crowd.A neighbor, neighbor, tellin’ lies and talkin’ loud.You better watch your step now.You might fall off your might fall […]

Goin' Down To Mexico

I was on my way down to Mexico,there was trouble on the rise.It was nothing more than I’d left behind,which was much to my surprise.I turned around and lit a cigarettewiped the dust off of my boots.When up ahead I saw the crowd,I knew it was no use. I’ts been the same way for Oh […]