Free The Three

You failed to do your job. Superstitous cover up. They’ll pay you because of your mistakes. You lie, you lie, you lie and they pay. You fail, you fail, you fail and they pay. Superstition. Unholy children. ‘ Blinded vision. False ambition. Can you show me how they’re guilty? You liars, you killers. Blame the […]


Suspention/suspend. Wires from the cieling extend. Suspend/suspention. Your teeth grinds from the tension. When the door breaks you are found suspended high. Above the ground. Suspention/suspend: Death took my old best friend. Suspend/suspention. Your life is at attention. You are found suspended high. Above the ground enclosed in wires. Whats this? Death came for you. […]

Desire The End

I desire the end The touch of armageddon This world encased in flames… Bodies lie beneath fallen kingdoms… …I walk on fallen kingdoms… …I desire the end… …I desire the new beginning

Surrounds Me

put your coal to my trembling lips.voice fills void with your breath.crescent tears from the relief You bring.undone in you. I love you.broken teeth of my frustration.your glory it surrounds me.sing praises to God, sing praises. blanket my mindwith your wisdom and insight.hand mokds the mud of my of Your strengthoverwhelmes my praise.quickened in […]


I cried out to God for help I cried out to God to hear me When I was distressed, I sought the Lord At night I stretched out my hand But I can not be comforted I remember You God and I groaned I mused and my spirit grew faint You kept my eyes from […]