Song 1

there is no other wayto explain for what He has done.He came to me in such a holy way,such a way that i would die for is more than just a belief,He lives in my else can i explain it to you…Jesus Christ.

Dark Cold Sound

A dark cold sound… A dark cold sound tears the life I’m given Ignite the vision The vision that brought cold wind against my childhood soul. The root of unspoken fear The root grows deep in my heart A dark cold sound tears at my life Over and over… The time when rest is as […]

Lies Of Serpents, A River Of Tears

Your eyes (2x)Your eyes search for me (4x)Your eyesYour eyes search for me For so long I’ve wanted to come homeHeld back by lies of serpents and tongues of brothersTurning a child into an enemyTurning open arms into closed fists I could see the reflection in the tearsThat made their way down Your faceOnto the […]


i will will endure in me.until the end forever,i will endure. if we continue in these ways,rebellion bends toward hatred.we rise up for our causeand forsake the outsiders.where is this love, this understanding?who will stand?what will break downif this uprise of self is left to reign? looking forward, for a standard to answer […]