Bridge Over Troubled Waters

When You’re Weary Feelin’ Small When Tears Are In Your Eyes I Will Dry Them All I’m On Your Side Oh When Times Get Rough And Friends Just Can’t Be Found Like A Bridge Over Troubled Waters I Will Lay Me Down Like A Bridge Over Troubled Waters I Will Lay Me Down When You’re […]

On The Side Of Angels

I’ve Never Been So Certain I’ve Never Been Sure We’re On The Side Of Angels If We Believe This Love Is Pure Is It So Hard To Trust It ’cause We’ve Been Wrong Before There Comes A Time In Every Life We Find The Heart We’re Waiting For After All The Might Have Beens The […]

How Do I Live

How Do I Get Through The Night Without You If I Had To Live Without You What Kind Of Life Would That Be Oh I I Need You In My Arms Need You To Hold You’re My World My Heart My Soul If You Ever Leave Baby You Would Take Away Everything Good In My […]

Ten Thousand Angels Cried

Stillness Filled The Heavens On Crucifixion Day Some Say It Rained I Don’t Know If It’s True Well I Can Just I’magine Ten Thousand Angels Cried That Would Seem Like Rain To Me And You The Angels All Stood Ready To Take Him From The Tree They Waited For The Words From His Voice And […]

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace How Sweet The Sound That Saved A Wretch Like Me I Once Was Lost But Now I’m Found Was Blind But Now I See ’twas Grace That Taught My Heart To Feel And Grace My Fears Relieved How Precious Did That Grace Appear The Hour I First Believed When We’ve Been There Ten […]