Hold On

Hey cue that shit that the verse mixed up (See what I’m sayin) Gotsta hold onI been trapped for so longGotsta hold onI been trapped for so longGotsta hold onI been trapped for so longGotsta hold on See,See marijuana got me copin wit my problemsAnd hennessy got me hopin I could solve emMy baby mama […]

I'll Be Your Player (Remix)

Yeah, Committee remix, you can’t beat us (who you is fool?)They call me Trick Daddy Dollars (like that) Being that I’m… [x4] Real, I feel you need a man in your life childSomebody black, baldheaded plus buckwildThey call me Trick Daddy DollarsA real woman scholarIf a players what you want lil’ momma holla Yeah, I’ma […]

For The Thugs

For the thugsYes sir, ha haI’m doin’ this one for the thugsYes sirMy boy dooda, wa’s up fool(Down South)Tut, ha ha haaWe’ve been seen (Aye yo C!), they on a roll hurry up nigga, come on, they got guns (I’m doin’ this one for the thugs) They got big guns! They wanna go to war […]

Living in a World

[Trick Daddy]For all my children, huh, let ’em knowSing for me [Chorus: (Children)] Living in a world where hearts are cold, yea yea ya’llLiving in a city where thugs don’t live that long, soSleeping in a home where only gangsta’s rome, all nite long and ahThuggin there for days wit my g’s and we pray, […]

Change My Life

[hook]Gotta change my lifeLord knows I aint livin rightYall know i aint chillin rightSmokin out everyday and nightGotta ease my mindGotta find time to rewindCause I’m fallin way behindMe and my dogs we known to ride Gotta watch my backRepresent for the soldierDie couple years olderHave boulders, a lil sodaGet rich with a motiveNow shit […]