As High As Wu-Tang Get

(come on in)[Ol Dirty] *singing*Dinn-dnn-dnn-ta-dnn(come on in)Dinn-dnn-ta-dnn, dinn DNN DAH(come on, come on, come on in)Dnn-da-duh-duh-DAH, you BITCH ASS niggaz!(come on in, come on, come on, come on in) Intro/Chorus: Ol Dirty/Osirus As high as Wu-Tang getAllah allow us pop this shitJust like black shoe fitIf you can’t wear it, well don’t fuck with it! […]

It's Yourz

[Verse One: Raekwon the Chef]Machine gun rap for all my niggaz in the backStadium packed, linebacker nigga flashbackSee through yellow linesRock a fly jersey in the summertime GodMagic marker rap, bleed BenattonRelaxed, wrote this, comin at cha crab ass copeand snatch ya ice off, chillin in the back, throw the lights offWaves, water blend, rhyme […]

Older Gods

Verse One: Ghostface Killah Aiyyo I roll like a bat out of hellEvil acapell’s fly spittin out of my grillBefore I hit the sky with springtime colorsJuicy as a Sunkist, certain broads double dutch thisThey carve it in they wrist, pales berry blazesStraighten the crumbs left on the stove, clothes in my lady hairPlus yours […]

For Heavens Sake

Intro: Inspectah Deck Yo, one two one two Wu, Tang, Wu, TangIt’s the Wu, creepin in the shadows Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang(Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang)"Oh baby, for heavens sake"Sir I, Excalibur"Oh baby, for heavens sake"(Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang) 2X"Oh baby, for heavens sake" Verse One: Inspectah Deck/Rebel […]


*glasses/jewelry tinkling*You my Daddy whore (2X)*laughing*[Cappa] Whoever she gonna do anyway But bust it, bust it though baby, bust it Who else, who else is gonna… Verse One: Ol Dirty Bastard This is dedicated to all you bitchesKnew this bitch named Traj, she had a hella fine assCandy-ass, blew my hole in the pastNiggarette gave […]