Big Star

now that i’m a big star what am i gonna do i’m so bored countin’ allmy money. i sit here and i think of you and it’s so easy to do idon’t even have to try why should i waste my precious time cuz ican’t make you love me, buti know you will. i’m such […]

Thank You For Not Moshing

when i’m in the pit, i’m gonna punch and kickwhen i’m in the pit, don’t you know i’m gonna%$@# up $#!% got my wife beater on, steel toe doc martins onmy feet yea i run around in a little circle, i’mwonderin’ who to beat and you know it’s reallycool, cause i played football in high […]

She's Famous Now

i’ve got the measles and she got the mumps i’m sick of waiting by the door in case she comeshome you won’t believe it but don’t you want to know i let her go but i can’t let her go i don’twanna hear it i’m singin’ too high tonight i just can’t stand the noise […]

Brand New Song

i’ve got a brand new girlfriendshe is so lovely lovelyi’ve got a new ex-girlfriendshe is so fat and uglyoh not you again it gets worseeverytime and one plus two againwon’t work i can’t divide itwell i let it go, i don’t carei love you when you’re not therebrand new song just for youi’m not sorry […]

I Want Your Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend, Too

there’s a little girl i know youmight know her to, shelooks so good she looks socute standin’ next to youand i don’t knowwhatto do i wantyourgirlfriend tobe mygirlfriend too.she’s so %#&$!^cute, i wish that shewas mine,she’s so %#&$!^ cute,i’m gonna lose my mindi don’t know what todo maybe i could kill youi want your girlfriend […]