Baby Love

Ooh-ooh Baby love, my baby love,I need ya, oh, how I need yaBut all you do is treat me bad,Break my heart and leave me sadTell me, what did I do wrongTo make you stay away so long? ‘Cause, baby love, my baby love,Been missin’ ya, miss kissin’ yaInstead of breakin’ up (don’t throw our […]

Standing at the Crossroads of Love

I’m standing at the crossroads of love(Standing at the crossroads)I’m standing at the crossroads of loveDon’t know which way to go (ooh ooh ooh)Don’t know which way to turn (ooh ooh ooh)Though the love I give is not returnedFor that boy, my heart still yearns So, I’m standing at the crossroads of love(Standing at the […]

Come See About Me

I’ve been cryin’ (boohoo)‘Cause I’m lonely (for you)Smiles have all turned (to tears)But tears won’t wash away the fear That you’re never ever gonna returnTo ease the fire that within me burnsIt keeps me cryin’, baby, for you,Keeps me sighin’, baby, for you So, won’t you hurry?Come on, boy, see about me(Come see about me)See […]

Ask Any Girl

Being hurt by the one you loveIt’s a feeling that’s hard to hideBut you don’t seem to understand whyWhen I’m alone, I sit and cry Ask any girl who’s often left aloneAll by herselfNeglectfully pushed aside,Set aside like a doll on a shelfJust ask any girl (any girl)Ooh, then you’ll understand whyI sit and cry […]

Run, Run, Run

Girls, gather ’round me and hear the newsHe finally kissed me, oh, happy dayMy heart’s gotta shout itI’ll get my diary and write about it (Well, as your friends, we wanna sayHe’ll break your heart one daySo, you better run run run run run runYeah yeah yeah yeah yeah) Oh-oh-oh, but he’s such a quiet […]