I remember the first war, the way the sky burned

My heart is deceived byMy eyes my actions in the name of beautyI’m sickened and strangledBy myself that I would allow an unyielded desire to lead me astrayPut to shame by my lack of trust I confess my faults with tears Manifestations of Your grace fill meRevelations of forgiveness wounds healed by woundsThe Father’s mercyPeace […]

Lies Of Serpents, A River Of Tears

Your eyes (2x)Your eyes search for me (4x)Your eyesYour eyes search for me For so long I’ve wanted to come homeHeld back by lies of serpents and tongues of brothersTurning a child into an enemyTurning open arms into closed fists I could see the reflection in the tearsThat made their way down Your faceOnto the […]

For A Fair Desire

Let me not exist for a fair desire sweet and freshAre my expectations of this inner strengthThat yearns passionatelyFor the endowment of the FatherI sow in tears that later I shall reap in joyEach drop that I sow will be a time of breaking (3x) Come Holy Spirit empower Your creationThrough times of breaking the […]


My strength, my strength fadesMy strength fades awaySlowly with the setting sunThe night brought itsDarkness and its stormsAnd the floods that cameReflected a dull moonViolent winds raged beneath the stars that didn’t shineEmptied of myself I fell to the ground Slowly through the destructionCame a single quiet voiceAnd the breath of His words consumedThe night […]


My sight finally returnsOnly to see my hands covered with the innocent bloodOf those I stand before as an exampleAnd I hold this ember in my heartIt reminds me of who I once wasIt’s the only warmth that I know Ember of Your faithfulnessEmber of Your still small voiceEmber of embracing armsEmber of rebirth to […]