So Hardcore

Zigga(7x)Ha ha ha, yoYa’ll(25x) Yo, I walk through brick wallsFuck around hijack your whole shopping mallsI be rippin shit, that’s my word bondScream then I watch the whole planet earth respondDo just what ya told The remote controlCrash cars and shitYa know how we roleWhen I tumble and drive then you reply my my my […]


[Lord have Mercy]As we approach the current time frame of 1997.With approximatelytwo and a half years before the year two thousand. Repeatedly it hasbeen reported that there will be a time soon approaching. Thatmajor disaster will be striking, all levels of existence. It has also beenreported that this disastrous thing will be approaching in the […]


Intro: Busta Rhymes Hey, another one of them Flipmode jointsBusta Rhymes y’all, word mother y’all, check it out y’allJust swing to the left, swing to the rightMake ya feel good, feel alrightOne time, feel good yeah y’allBusta Rhymes in the place y’allMakin you feel real good y’allFlipmode is the Squad in the place y’all Verse […]

Fuck That (Get Off My Block Interlude)

* appears in the -1:30 before "Get Off My Block" [Spliff Star (Busta Rhymes)]("What?") "Check it, what, ha. ("Noooooo!") Ha! Ha-ha, ha! ("Hey!") Yeah."("I don’t care! What?! What?! Uhhh…") It’s the musical felon, the black John Lennonwho keep the gat between the brief and the denimThe way the world is headed, I can see how […]

Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See

Ahh yeah.. Flipmode.. Here we come.. Bout to bust and explode.. Flipmode.. Busta Bus.. (huh, what?)Nine-seven (c’mon, what?)Hot shit (hah hah)Check it out Verse One: Busta Rhymes Hit you with no delayin so what you sayin yo? (uh)Silly with my nine milli, what the deally yo? (what?)When I be on the mic yes I do […]