Good Thing

I was looking for a new directionyou gotta keep moving for you’re own protectionhaven’t got no love to stay in love (well well, ohhh) you turn the tables on my whole world babyyou take away all the heartache that love gave mecant you see what you’ve done in my lifeand let that pure connection change […]

One And Ever Love

It’s cold outside so understandif I don’t hang around to waitI’ll say goodbye and kiss your handand then get on with being bravebut don’t expect to wipe away the tearscos you know they belongand someone else just went away before I ever came alongand tried to melt the snowand tried to melt the snow and […]


Girl I don’t believe them when they tell me you don’t love mesometimes you seem to think so little of meeverybody tells me that they see what’s going onso quick to criticise that what we have is wrong see you with anotherand I dunno what to docos the problem isthat I love you I get […]