Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake)

I’ve been letting you down, downGirl I know I’ve been such a foolGiving in to temptationWhen I should’ve played it coolThe situation got out of handI hope you understand [Chorus]It can happen to..Anyone of us, anyone you think ofAnyone can fallAnyone can hurt someone they loveHearts will break‘Cause I made a stupid mistakeIt can happen […]

Tell Me One More Time

Come on and tell me baby… do U believe in lovethe way that I doand when u find the onewherever u go will travel with uwhat do I saywhere do I startto pick up the pieces of your broken hearttell me one more timewhy your heart cannot be minelook into my eyes and saythat love […]


we’re going downtown woooooooooooooooooooow is the temperature hot enough for you tonightis it making your dreams suggest things you cant fightif you call me 1 time, 2 time, anytime that you wantgot a certain sure fire remedy to get you out so take my hand and rock with meto the sweetest symphonyyour body pleads to […]

Suspicious Minds

[Verse 1]We’re caught in a trapI can’t walk outBecause I love you too much babyWhy can’t you seeWhat you’re doing to meWhen you don’t believe a word I say? [Chorus]We can’t go on togetherWith suspicious mindsAnd we can’t build our dreamsOn suspicious minds [Verse 2]So, if an old friend I knowDrops by to say helloWould […]

It Ain’t Obvious

I keep tryingbut I’m running out of ways to make you want me babyI cannot be everything you want you drive me crazyyou’re never satisfiedits not even worth a try times are for making up your mindmaybe we’ll never see eye to eye so treat me cruel to be kindlets play it straight down the […]