Born On The Wind

Oh, he’s breaking my heart now againOver and over I’m cryingDown, oh down in my heart. Some day you want me,Babe, to want youEasier said and done for youDown, oh down in my soulBaby, down, oh down in my heart. Born on the windThat’s where my heartache blowBorn on the windThat’s where my feelings goBorn […]

Picture Blue Eyes

Love hurts, I’m hypnotizedBaby, love hurtsStrange are the ways of liesI’m more than a womanI pretendTrust me baby to the endLove is what it means to be so young. Picture blue eyesI need your sweet love devotionPicture blue eyesThe countdown for lovePicture blue eyesNeed your sweet emotionsYour diamond smileReach for the starsOh tonight, oh tonightBreaks […]

Stop – Dragging My Heart Around

Save me when I hurt you!Secret message, dangerous games,Reach out – love is so proud.It’s the countdown to my dream,It’s a danger – you’re a stranger. Oh-oh, stop (Stop) dragging my heart around (around)!I’m qualified too satisfied,I’m qualified for love, my baby.Stop (Stop) dragging my heart around (around)!Close your eyes and count to ten,I’m standing […]

Heaven And Hell

Heaven can be cold,Baby, baby, when you lose control.Everybody needs someone to love –Be careful in the night!. He can hurt you moreBaby, baby, as he did before.Come on baby, keep your hands off himIn the gypsy night !It will come and go.Everybody knows. You make your own – Heaven and hell –Daytime lovers’ love […]

Tears Won’t Wash Away My Heartache

Oh, I sold my heart to you,Babe, like all dreamers do.Feel the shadows of a heartache. Out of reach and out of touch,If I give you, babe, so much.Feel the shadows of a heartache.All the restless world, I need my dream!Someone save my life!And I know what it means: Tears won’t wash away my heartache!Tears […]