Stand Here With Me

You always reached out to me and helped me believeAll those memories we shareI will cherish every one of themThe truth of it is there’s a right way to liveAnd you showed meSo now you live on in the words of a songYou’re a melody You stand here with me now Just when fear blinded […]


Walking around I hear the earth seekihng reliefI’m trying to find a reason to liveBut the mindless clutter my pathOh these thorns in my sideI know I have something freeI have something so aliveI think they shoot cause they want it I feel forces all around meCome on raise your headThose who hide behind the […]

Don't Stop Dancing

At times life is wicked and I just can’t see the lightA silver lining sometimes isn’t enoughTo make some wrongs seem rightWhatever life bringsI’ve been through everythingAnd know I’m on my knees again But I know I must go onAlthough I hurt I must be strongBecause inside I know that many feel this way Children […]


Hush my love now don’t you cryEverything will be all rightClose your eyes and drift in dreamRest in peaceful sleep If there’s one thing I hope I showed youHope I showed you Just give love to all Oh my love…in my arms rightEvery day you give me lifeAs I drift off to your worldWill rest […]


This is not about ageTime served on the earth doesn’t mean you grow in the mindThis is not about GodSpiritual insinuations seem to shock our nation Come with me I’m fading underneath the lightsCome with meCome with meCome with me now This is not about raceIt’s a decision to stop the division in your lifeThis […]