Gone With The Wind

I never knew until tonight of the danger.That any man could lose his life to a stranger .Catch me when I am falling I’ve been burned by the fire before And girl , I tell you no liesI don’t wanna feel the pain anymore But I need you tonightAll of my trouble, my torture and […]


I hear you callin ‘ , callin’ my name You see me falling’ for your crazy gamesYou got my money , you got my love that’s fineOh, you got my body You got my health in mind You’re the remedy You do what you do You’re the recipeI don’t wanna find it outYou’re the remedyYou’re […]


All I need in my lifeJust one love I can count on tonightIn the dark , oh Am I crazy to think we belong It’s possessionOh baby , possessionPossessionBaby , what I wouldn’t give for possessionOh baby , possessionSweet obsessionBaby I’d lay down my life I can’t fake masqueradesYour disguises just make me afraidYesterday , […]

Do You Love Her

It’s the way that she walksIt’s the way that she movesYou can lose your mindMakes you so wetShe can make you forget It’s a pantomime Analyze, fantasizeAnything your heart can tell youAgony , ecstasy Ooh, you got lucky Do you love herDo you love herDoes it burn so deep that you just don’t sleepDo you […]

Someone To Believe In

We all need somebodySome stranger in the darkYou know I really love to love youI gave it everything I gotTo find you in someone else’s armsBut I was always dreamin’ of you The kind of love you followNot without a reasonEvery last tomorrowEvery single seasonHold me in your powerDrag me through the fireWatch me writhe […]