[Baby]Now since I live in these motherfucking projectsPolice don’t want to see us in cadillacsI bought a woman on gold to match my goalsAnd I don’t have to drop one of my hoesI got a Lexus and a BenzExpedition on chrome partnerWith 20 inch rimsA hummer and a rose royceI got a candy helicopter in […]

How U Luv That (Vol. 2 version)

[Juvenile:]Aw, manMan I sho’ need this one here manIt’s gon’ be so hugeI know everyone out there gon’ luv this one ya heard me [Manny Fresh:]Now, who the fuck got cars for daysCrazy hoes and momo’s with the 20 inch bladesMe and the Misses, drivin’ ExpeditionsThe back stabbin’ friends (smooch) blowin’ kissesChrome struck bitches, wood […]

How Should I Ride

[Manny Fresh:]Everything on me, my skills pay the billsBuy my momma a house and buy my daddy some hot wheelsI’m the number one pepper star, look at y’allHat to the back, make my way to the barWhen I’m in your town, bling, I’m gon’ shineGimme the best bottle of your best (glub, glub, glub) wineCan […]

On Top Of The World

[Mannie]I know you wish you could find aNigga wit a dick like a anacondaNeighborhood hot boy, super-shinerPimp, playa, president, Big Tymer, tymerI ride on chrome givin bitches the bluesGot the brand new Mo-Moes, twenty inch shoesEvery city I go, these hoes knowDick slingin contest after the showShootin off like a cannon, nuts landinRight up in […]

Big Ballin'

[Manny Fresh]I told ya fuckin’ ass I be back In a brand new Fleetwood CadillacLicense plate say money makin’ nigga fa shoChillin’ by ya boy house kissin’ on these hoesSee these broads want starsBig dicks down in the drowsSeven days a week seven brand new carsYeah I done it parkin’ GS 300Check us and front […]