Fool enough to almost be itCool enough to not quite see itDoomedPick your pockets full of sorrowAnd run away with me tomorrowJune We’ll try and ease the painBut somehow we’ll feel the sameWell, no one knowsWhere our secrets go I send a heart to all my deariesWhen your life is so, so drearyDreamI’m rumored to […]


Billy’s voice: We used to be a new wave band. But somehow along the way we turned into…a rock band. And I’m not quite sure how it happened except for the fact that maybe we were away from everything that was going on, and the world allowed us the time to find out what we […]


I am sleepingin hereWe need a little hope For yearsI’ve been sleepingHelplessCouldn’t tell a soul Be ashamedOf the mess you’ve madeMy eyes never forget, you seeBehind me SilentMetal merciesCastrateBoys to the bone JesusAre you listening?Up thereTo anyone at all We are the fossilsThe relics of our timeWe mutilate the meaningsSo they’re easy to deny Be […]

Silvercrank london 1994

i hear your winteri hear you rainand i’ve failed your summer waysand i feel no pain i hear what you wantand i feel that wayi hear what you wantand i feel that way i hear you fade awayand i hear you crawli gave my life awayand i feel no painand i feel no painand i […]


ide on, motherf***ersister abovelead on my loverdaddy’s not comin’ home so long my motherso long agoshe loves me like a loverevery house is now your home even though you lied to mewe love you right on, motherf***ersister aboveyeah, my loverevery house is now your home