Hold it Down

Rappers stepped to me, but they didn’t get noneI’m the Kane so you know the outcomeThe microphone crooner, should have set the tone soonerHip hop to me Re boxing to Roy Jones Jr.The genuine, search and you’ll findThat on the microphone I can handle mineHere’s a view to a kill as I flipped the skillWhen […]

Terra N Ya Era

You looking in the mouth of madness, skilled out since I had thisI’m talking bout nothing but pure D badness My acceleration is compatible to a bima My pockets looking greener, from the funky cold medinaDon’t tell me bout the things that you done did cause I done did it Don’t tell me bout the […]


In this corner, representin’ BK, NYWho, come again , IThat you can’t denyFor the while I stayed, laid back in the shadeJust like a silhouette, however still a threatOnce again, I return just to get my groove onBag somethin’ that’s a size 7/8 and move onIt be nothin’ but dime girls I sportOnly time I […]

Change This Game Around

It’s that number one hip-hop tramp, to get your thong dampI put it down till you girls catch a cramp,Take a little trip with the smoothest guy walkin’Usually my fault in, girls wreckless eyeballinAttraction is magnetic, they come and get itGame is all natural, yours is syntheticSo while you sittin’ there tryin’ to get your […]

Earth, Wind & Fire

I’m from Brooklyn, New York City I be the Earth motherin’, smotherin’ MC’s Sha Queen covering 360 degrees See I blow like the wind when I flow to this songCause a riot like Kaiser like that then I’m gone I bring the fire burn it down to the groundThink of dissin’ me, Kane will leave […]