I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing

Ask me why,I say it’s most unusualHow can I even try to explainWhy today I feel like dancingSinging like lovers singWhen I wouldn’t normally do this kind of thing?I wouldn’t normally do this kind of thing Ask me when, (ta ra ra ra)I say it started when I met you (ta ra ra ra ra […]

Can You Forgive Her?

Another night with open eyesToo late to sleep, too soon to riseYou’re short of breath, is it a heart attack?Hot and feverish you face the fact You’re in love, and it feels like shameBecause she’s gone and made a fool of you in public againYou’re in love, and it feels like painBecause you know there’s […]


Take my hand,I’ve changed my mind againReally, I believed it trueThat all who fell in love were foolishBut I was wrong,I’ve learned that lesson wellAll the way back home at midnightYou were sleeping on my shoulder Take my hand,Don’t think of obligationsNow, right now,Your love is liberation To free in meThe trust, I never daredI […]

Go West

Come on, come on, come on, come on (Together) We will go our way(Together) We will leave someday(Together) Your hand in my hands(Together) We will make our plans (Together) We will fly so high(Together) Tell all our friends goodbye(Together) We will start life new(Together) This is what we’ll do (Go West) Life is peaceful there(Go […]

One In A Million

WhyThis uncertainty?It’s not clear to meWould you rather be independent?Have I lost your love?Have you had enough?Do you feel too much resentment?How can I make you seeWhen you disagreeThat you just can’t leave? One in a million menCould change the way you feelOne in a million menBaby it’s up to me IWon’t stand in your […]