I’m crazy, so crazyI’m crazy about youI’m crazy so crazy, about you(Crazy ’bout you baby) What kind of love is thisThat keeps me hypnotized – cant’ get you offMy mindDon’t ever let it end – let it go on and on and onCause you know it turns me on Whisper in my ear, just what […]

Love Was Here

Baby tonightIf you come homeI’ll make it right oh noLove was here and gone I ask myselfNow why have I been dreaming2 bring imaginaryReal 2 lifeI’ve done some searchin’And prayin’That you would always be stayin’ (oh)And I would learnLearn 2 treat you right yeah (So if)So if you ask yourselfDoes he reall love me(Yes I […]

If I Want To

[Usher (JD)]Every time I look up I see it in your faceYou wanna hook up with me(You know you wanna hook up – stop playing)Instead of acting like you supposed toYou cop an attitude like you’re too good for meAnd you know good and damn well that… If I wanted – I could take you […]

One Day You’ll Be Mine

Check it outCome onI’m sayin’You gon’ be mine Fist time I saw you babyYou did something to meThat no else has ever doneOh – it’s something in your eyesCaught me by surpriseAnd told me that you were the oneOh – but what’s bad is I know you get on man And he’ll never understandThe chemistry […]

Good Ol’ Ghetto

Yeah let me holla at you real quickI’mma bring y’al back to the good ol’ good ol daysYa feel me?Some of that… Good ol, good ol, good old ghetto, good olGood ol, good ol ghettoGood ol, good ol ghetto, ghetto, ghettoGood ol…heh I told my man I’m having a barbecueSo grab some folks and won’t […]