Can’t Let U Go

[JD]Yo, shitI’m sick of this manI can’t even take no moreCause I hate the fact that I love you so muchAnd you don’t even understandWhat this is doin’ to meEverytime I try to get awayI just can’t let you go, you know what I’m sayin?I just can’t let you go [Usher]I never ever wanna hurt […]


Craving your body all through the nightFeels like I’m going through withdrawsI wanna hold youI want you inside of these of these armsI’m dying to taste you, I can’t denyCan’t get out of my mindPlease let me hold youCause I need your lovin’ tonight (Hook) Whenever I’m near youMy love just comes downWhenever I see […]

I Don’t Know

[P. Diddy]Check this out, yeah, yeahAll my niggas take a walk with meYou ain’t gotta holla – you can talk with meJust try to learn where my thoughts can beAnd how I stack figuresLearn why I’m real – still that niggaI get money I ain’t gotta do a crimeShit I hit dimes – what I […]

Just Like Me

(Lil Kim) You got it going on (what, what)you got it going on (what, what)Come on, come on Strictly fuck we/those (6) digit niggasIf the first one is a (9) they a buck behind I live my rhyme At the same time can’t find myself layin up If you payin upBullets start sprayin upyou know […]

IntroLude 8701

8701Man it’s been a long time comingBut I never forgot about youI’m hereYeah, we’ve traveled the worldSeen a lot of places, so many facesWe had a good time – we’ve grown togetherWho would’ve thought we’d stay down this long, heh?This is my chance to share my world with youAnd I know you’re gonna like itAre […]