Gonna find a way to cure this lonelinessYeah I’ll find a way to cure the painIf I said that you’re my friend and our love would never endHow long before I had your trust againI opened up the doors when it was cold outsideHopin’ that you’d find your own way inBut how can I protect […]

Pretty Tied Up

The Perils of Rock n’ Roll Decadence I know this chick she lives down on MelroseShe ain’t satisfied without some painFriday night is goin’ up inside her, againWell crack the whip, ’cause that bitch is just insane, I’m serious She’s pretty tied up hangin’ upside downShe’s pretty tied up and you can ride herShe’s pretty […]

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Mama take this badge from meI can’t use it anymoreIt’s getting dark too dark to seeFeels like I’m knockin’ on heaven’s door Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s doorKnock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s doorKnock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s doorKnock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door Mama put my guns in the groundI can’t shoot them anymoreThat cold black cloud is comin’ downFeels like I’m knockin’ […]

So Fine

How could she look so fineHow could it be she might be mineHow could she be so coolI’ve been taken for a fool so many timesIt’s a story of a man who works as hard as he canJust to be a man who stands on his ownBut the book always burns as the story takes […]


We all come in from the cold, we come down from the wireAn everybody warms themselves to a different fireWhen sometimes we get burned, you’d think sometime we’d learnThe one you love is the one that should take you higherYou ain’t got no one, you better go back out and find her Just like children […]