You wake up in the morning And fall out of your bed Mean cats eat parakeets And this one’s nearly dead. You dearly wish the wind would shift And greasy windows slide Open for the parakeet Who’s colored bitter lime. Open the window And lift into your dreams lately, baby you can barely breathe. A […]

At My Most Beautiful

I’ve found a way to make you smile I’ve found a way A way to make you smile I read bad poetry Into your machine. I save your messages Just to hear your voice. You always listen carefully To awkward rhymes. You always say your name, Like I wouldn’t know it’s you, At your most […]

Sad Professor

If we’re talking about love Then I have to tell you Dear readers, I’m not sure where I’m headed. I’ve gotten lost before. I’ve woke up stone drunk Face down in the floor. Late afternoon, the house is hot. I started, I jumped up. Everyone hates a bore. Everybody hates a drunk. This may be […]


I watched you fall. I think I pushed. Maybe I’m crazy Maybe diminished Maybe I’m innocent Maybe I’m finished Maybe I blacked out. How do I play this? I will give my best today I will give myself away I have never hurt anything Is the jury wavering? Do they know I sing? Maybe I’m […]


Hey hey. Hey hey. I was hell. Sarcastic silver swell That day it rained Tough spun. Hard worn. No Ocean flower aquarium Badlands. Give a hand. Honey dipt. Flim flam Hey hey. Hey hey. That cat can walk like a big bad man. So happy to show us I ate the lotus. Say haven’t you […]