R.I.P. Screw

ft. Bizzy Bone [talking]Yeah (yeah, yeah) uhLil’ Flip, Bizzy Bone(First Eazy, Houston TexasThen Pac, then BiggieAnd now it’s Big PunNow DJ Screw, Aaliyah) [Chorus: Bizzy Bone – 2x]And even though you gone, your memory lives onAnd on yeah, and even though you diedYou still my nigga, my nigga, my nigga [Lil’ Flip]I met Screw in […]

Haters Still Mad

ft. Big T, Lil’ Ron [talking]Uh, Lil’ Flip, them hatas still madMan look, Big T [Chorus: Big T]Why y’all haters still madI said I don’t know why babyCause Screwed Up Click acting badCause Screwed Up Click acting bad [Lil’ Flip]You might see me in the benzo, sitting on Lorenzos, blowing on some endoIt’s five o’clock […]

Da Roof

[Lil’ Flip]Well, I smoke and lean tryna get highon Cloud 9 tryna reach they skywe call it dro’ya’ll call it lyeall I need is a sweet to get me byI’m super fly like Missydrink Moette until I’m pissyI pulled up in a Bentleyhoes asking who is it its F-L-I-Pblowing that light greenno sticks, no seeds […]

8 Rulez

[Chorus]1 – Never let a nigga know yo business2 – Always start what you finish3 – Stay on yo note don’t slip4 – Be careful cause these streets are a trip5 – Always keep a glock in yo whip6 – Real niggaz stick to the script7 – Don’t slang crack where you stay8 – Just […]


[Lil’Flip] Lil’ FlipRepresent7-1-3 Now when you see me in the Lamborghini speeding, bumpin ScrewI know you see my license plate, "Lil’ Flip #2"I use to skip summer school, hit the block and move workThat was enough to buy some shoes, pants, and a new shirtNow I’m shinin like Puff, wearin diamonds like PuffWe got everybody […]