Life Goes On

Life goes on, life goes onLife goes on, life goes on You sucked me inAnd played my mindJust like a toyYou were crank and wind Baby I would give till you wore it outYou left me lyin’ in a pool of doubtAnd you’re still thinkin’ you’re the Daddy MacYou should’ve known better but you didn’tAnd […]

Love Is An Army

Fear is any armyFighting against meFighting a lost causeIf I could only change their uniformThey’d be soldiers of loveMarching on and on Love is any armyWaiting for meWaiting for this girlIf I could only stretch my arms around youI’d suddenly seeThere ain’t nothin’ wrong with meHear Words fly outThe roof of my mouthThey found a […]

Sign Of Life

What did I just sayWell, I can’t rememberThe room is spinning andMy Heart is skipping beatsCause I finally cut all the tiesThat were hanging on me It’s a sign of lifeTo be so confusedYou jump and it feelsLike you’re falling You find the hope, thestrength, the heartAnd just when you thinkthere’s nothing leftCause when it […]


You and I…. there you go again when yarub up my skini have to catch my breatheI began to sweat oh.. Lips tracing down my neckand its scaring me to deathI just learned to draw me to the clearjust to push me offjust to push me off the edge Damn I hate the way you […]


It’s Independence Day I’m freeAnd it’s a strange place to beI’m gonna break these chainsUnleash the changes in me I see an endless roadI feel the restless windI’ve lost the fear insideCause I’ve got no choiceBut to live or die Suddenly you’re in this fightaloneSteppin’ out into the greatunknownAnd the night’s the hardesttimeWhen the doubts […]