Yeah I want to write this song about my Cadillac Cuz ther’re so fuckn’ cool The Nineteen sixties I dont care if I get Eight miles to the gallon Caddies are the sh*t Next one’s a sixty one cuz I love finsMe and all my friends can fit And shotgun dont mean dick Cuz every […]


Decisions conflictions so much they cannot see Frustration building inside meHurry up No wait up Coward mentalityAnticipating fallacy Hurry up wait up Late to kill some time Hurry up wait up For what Decisions conflictions Someplace I’d rather beFrustration building in side me I dont even want to think all I want to do is […]


You never listen to the things i have to say You’re such a f**king joke It makes me go insane It’s only the beginning of the end I get excited when I hear that your in painYou think you are the sh*t To me you’re just a stain It’s only the beginningIt’s only the beginning […]

I Don't Get It

(I Dont Get It) I dont get why you take such a big amount of what we Work so hard to f*ckin’ make I don’t get why we can’t do What we want to when it doesn’t hurt you I don’t get it I don’t get why we can’t smoke Just because you say it’s […]

Amount To Nothing

It’s carved into my head alright It’s carved into my head Amounting to nothing You put this in my head, alrightYou put this in my head Amounting to nothing Amounting to nothingTry me I’m guilty living life to please you You dont know who I am