Daytime Dilemma (Dangers Of Love)

she came from a happy home a very happy home avery happy home Miss personality, a grade ‘A’ student naturally she had it all worked out but things aren’t what they seem is this real or just a dream? and things will never ever be the same again she came from a happy home a […]

Human Kind

(Verse I) Humankind, it’s not fair, why should we all live in fear Humankind, it’s a test, to see who’s the very best Humankind, don’t know why, no one cares who lives or dies Humankind, don’t look at me, look at yourself, what do you see (chorus) People – always tellin’ lies, they can keep […]

Planet Earth 1988

the solution to peace isn’t clear the terrorist threat is a modern fear there are no jobs for the young they turn to crime turn to drugs battle ships crowd the sea 16 year olds in the army our jails are filled to the max discrimination against the Blacks Russian and American war machine will […]

Chasing The Night

standing here in front of the mirror it’s gonna be allright tonight feelin hot yeah I’m on fire I’m never ever goin to tire Tonight it’s gonna be alright chasing the night it’s gonna be alright chasing the night chasing, chasing the night it’s gonna be alright live my life as I choose I paid […]

Howling At The Moon (Sha-La-La)

sha-la-la-la sha-la-la-la-la REPEAT ships are docking planes are landing a never ending supply no more narco no more gangster conservatives can cry I took the law & threw it away cause there’s nothing wrong it’s just for play theres no law, no law any more I want to steal from the rich & give to […]