Never Been Alone

I’ve never been alone and I’ve only seen the sky Still I know the reason why I’ve been thinking it over I’ve never climbed a tree but that’s natural for me And you don’t know my name so I’m thinking it over And ev’ry day I’m learning the things that are concerning you and I […]

Bad Bad Dreams

I’ve got a notion to live in an ocean of bad bad dreamsNo consolation to mixed conversation in bad bad dreamsYou know we’re all alikeWe can shout and scream and yell all nightIt’s just a bad bad dream Feel like I’m crying, there’s no use denying it’s all been doneFor your information we still own […]

Paper Mache, Cabbages and Kings

Na na na na na na na na na Paper mache and telegraph poles Things go dead in the night Make enough noise to make enough noise to make you want to jump with fright Elephant’s tusks and autograph books ,people you don’t meet Haven’t got a bed to lay my head , shoes to […]

Road To Alaska

I’m on the road to Alaska ,nowhere near Nebraska,but I’m sure if I asked her she’ll know.I ain’t got no Honey, I’m so short of money.I really really wanna go home.I dialed Oklahoma, made attempts to phone her,gave up when I got no reply. I’m on the road to Alaska, nowhere near Nebraska,but I’m sure […]

Sea Of Smiling Faces

Yesterday was history who knows what there is gonna be when we meet againWill you smile and tell the world about me Can there be no doubt about me I was your friend As I gaze upon a sea of smiling facesWalk amongst the glow of moonlit placesThe look in your eyes, to see your […]