I’m A Thug

[CHORUS 1X]I don’t know what this world’s gonna bringBut I know one thing that this is the life for meBaby cause I’m a thugAll day every dayBaby cause I’m a thugWouldn’t change for the worldUh huh cause I’m a thugThat’s right you heardBaby cause I’m a thugUh huh oh yeah [TRICK DADDY](check it out)Could it […]

Bricks & Marijuana

[Kase]For my niggas, in the fedsMy niggas in the penMy niggas ain’t gone neva see the streets no moThis one for you niggaFree Buddy Roe [Hook: 2x] Look I been scuffling years your honorThat’s why I’m traffickin’ these bricks and marijuanaShit [Verse 1:Kase] I been put in the worldLiving my days ducking k’sWas bursting bitches […]

Can’t Fuck With The South

[Verse One: Trick Daddy]Anybody wanna motherfucking die, come see IWho me? T-double D niggaThat’s right that’s motherfucking me nigga (huh)And got damn it if I said it, I motherfuckin meant itIf it was fully I motherfucking spit it, fuck whoever I offendedHold on! Wait one motherfucking minuteY’all ho’s y’all know how the game goFuck everyday […]

Have My Cheese

[J.V.]The game done switchedNiggas who was po’ got richNiggas who was real turned snitchedAin’t that a bitch?That’s why I get mine on the lowHustle ’til a nigga can’t ball no mo’Fall to the flo’Cause the shit don’t stopShit get real right here, Money MarkJ to the DotI make shit hotI don’t even really wanna hear […]

Take It To Da House

[Intro]("Get down!") Yessuh, (uh huh uh huh uh huh..)Slip-N-Slide RecordsUhh, fin’ to take it to da houseJust get on up and ("Get down!") [Sung] Callin my peoples all across the world This song goes out to all the boys and girls You want them thugs to come and turn yo’ party out You better take […]