Four Days

All I want is something goodIt gets harder every timeShe is leaving here tonightTake a breath, take your timeSpread your wings and rise Make a mark upon the wallPaint your face and pass the timeClose your eyes and she ascendsHold your breath and ease your mindForty thousand timesTime fades into the night They descend and […]

Amy Hit The Atmosphere

If I could make it rain todayAnd wash away this sunny day down to the gutterI would just to get a change of paceThings are getting worse but I feel a lot betterAnd that’s all that really matters to me Amy hit the atmosphereCaught herself a rocket ride out of this gutter andShe’s never coming […]

I Wish I Was A Girl

The devil’s in the dreamingHe tells you I’m not sleeping in my hotel room aloneWith nothing to believe inYou dive into the traffic rising up and it’s so quietYou’re surprised and then you wake For all the things you’re losingYou might as well resign yourself to try and make a changeI’m going down to HollywoodThey’re […]

St. Robinson In His Cadillac Dream

Staring out of his window as the world rushes byArthur Robinson closes the glass and replies,"I dream of Ballerinas and I don’t know whyBut I see Cadillac’s sailing" And I was born on the shores of the Chesapeake BayBut Maryland and Virginia have faded awayAnd I keep thinking tomorrow is coming todaySo I am endlessly […]

High Life

All my friends got flowers in their eyesBut I got none this seasonAll of last years blooms have gone and diedTime doesn’t give a reasonHey baby, do you ask yourself sometimesWhat you need to be forgiven?Everything that you’ve ever done wrongIs the reason that I’m drivenStraight to you Waiting here for youWanting to tell youHow […]