Now I Feel Ya

…It’s a new day… ya know what I’m sayin’? A new day, brings a new problem to a brotherand all I gots ta say is thank god for my mothercause without my mommy dear my life would’ve been jokeeither locked up playin’ dead and still slangin’ dope but nopeThe lord he had a plan for […]

Funky Lil Nigga

ft. 2Low [ 2Low ]You can call me T double o to the L-o-double – yoI’m 2Low, that funky little niggaroeComin back with a brand new cutAnd you can new jack swing on MY nutsCause I got the shit so tightA young nigga doin damage to the mic (you sho’ right)I’m 13, but I ain’t […]

Lettin' Em Know

Yeah nigga Back in this muthafucka once again I’m just lettin a nigga knowYou know S.A. and 5th Ward forever, fool [ VERSE 1 ]Niggas watch your back cause here I come againRappin funky shit for the 199-treyIn 1989 I sold dope for a pasttime1991 they called that nigga ScarfaceStarted on the team when a […]

Dyin Wit’Cha Boots On

Trouble seems to catch a motherfucker with his cards downGotta keep my drawers up, shit’s gettin hard nowThese motherfuckin cops be plantin shit on these niggasSimply because these niggas got bank accounts that’s biggerI just can’t get no peace from you motherfuckin rollersEverytime I pull my Benz or what, ‘cha pull me overI’m sick of […]

Mr. Scarface: Part III the Final Chapter

(All I have in this world)–> Tony ‘Scarface’ Montana [ continues through intro ] HeyShitYeah nigga, that’sThat – that – thatThis – this is some – ehmWhat we gon’ call this one here?Fuck itLet’s call it – ehmSome – someSome old school Scarface freestylinYouknowmsayin?Yeah Aaaaah shit!I’m finna freestyle in this bitchHe-yeahHuh youknowmsayin?Check it out [ […]