Can't Be Stopped

Nothing’s gonna stop usWe can’t be stopped I know that it’s not been easyTrying to make it in this crazy worldPeople ’round you try to stop youStomp you saying that you don’t belong You must remember thatWe were born with blood of kings and queensAnd can’t be stoppedStay stronger my sister you can’t be stoppedNo, […]


Anything Janet JacksonHold meKiss meShow meYou wanna be with meFeel meTaste meAnd maybe I’ll let you have meAnd when you do convince meYou can’t turn backI’ll be your bestYou know that good things don’t come easyHold me (so r you ready)Kiss me (to journey)Show meFeel me (I’ll satisfy you)Taste me (I will do anything)Have me […]


How could it be that you know meMy deepest fears my fantasiesConfide in you what no one knowsBut it feels so real [CHORUS:](when I close my eyes)I can see your face(when I lick my lips)I can taste your smile(when I see your name)My heart starts to race(if I can’t read your thoughts)Then I feel empty(when […]

Go Deep

[CHORUS: (2x)]We go deepAnd we don’t get no sleepCause we be up all nightUntil the early light I’m feelin fine cuz I’m dyin to be out tonightI’m startin out makin sure I look fine tonight Call Rene and BooGotta meet them soonTell T to call ShawnI’ll be there at 1 When we show upAll the […]


Hey JIt’s been a long time since I’ve seen you lastA half and twenty-six years(how time goes fast) I’m wellThough I’ve gone through some deep changes in my lifeIt hasn’t been easyOh no not for me It’s been difficult at timesSometimes I sit down and cryAnd ask God oh why(fair… what is?) [BRIDGE:]I know how […]