Behind the Sun

One day while bathing in the seamy talking dolphin spoke to mehe spoke to me in symphonyfrom freedom’s peace beneath the seahe looked to me eyes full of lovesaid yes we live behind the sun Behind the sun The sun goes upand the sun gets downbut like the heart of the sunmy heart continues to […]

Me and My Friends

Me and my, me and my, me and my,me and my, me and my friends Like two sweet peasin an even sweeter podthat’s my friendand my friends’s named Boblike the devil knows hellI know Bob wellwell enough to tell you’bout his 67 smellswell enough to tell youhe’s a hell-a-swell fellowwell enough to tell youthat we […]

Funky Crime

Why do you do what you doI do what I want to do who said you could do what you doI told you who told me toI do what I want to doI do what I want to do funky crime funky crimedon’t you know funk’s colors blindwell I’ve committed a funky crimeagainst a state […]


Someone spilled blood many years agosomeone spilled blood but do you knowthat from the backwoodswhere the Chuck Berrys growcome your long talldaddies of a rock and roll Take me to your backwoods nowtake me to your backwoods now Spinning’ down from the cloudslike a tornadospinnin’ out of controllike a psychedelic soulwith a rhythm hittin’ harderthan […]

No Chump Love Sucker

She’s a witcha bonafide borewhat’s more – she snoresand that is a factcow eyes lieyes it’s time to resisthow did I everget into thishow could I everhave kissed that bitchso what if she’sgot big tits She’s the kinda girlwho changas her mind really quickshe’s the kinda girl whowon’t just let things sit she came like […]