Bronx War Stories

Verse 1: I’m fucked upMost brothers don’t have it like meLike my brothers in the peep, doing half a centurySee God I know it’s hardBlack stay in ya zoneBig Dust we lost touch see you when you get homeAnd my man Stan just got back from doing tenOn some bullshit now his ass is back […]


[ Ruthless Bastards ]Verse one:Check it, these cold days got me in a physical rageWalking through the dark path in this invisible mazeMy individual is criminal but lyrical playsA big part in my life in this critical stateApocolypse, twist up the bambooSwine life I cant handleCock the mack candle, pop the Jack DanielsI’m a shine […]

And Justice 4 All

***Chorus*** (x2)Fuck y’all analog niggas we be digitalWu-Tang, Killarmy we indespensibleWe never fallWe stand tall like sky-scrapers and justice for all [Killa Sin]We move on MC’s mechanicallyStrike nerves like Ghost’s verse on ‘Can It Be’hard to touch retarded fucks playing wit they fantasiesrespect this, specialist, black testing this will get ya necklace jackedand named scratched […]

On The Strength

Intro: Okay God it’s like thisIf we don’t manifest our power to the fullestMan, you know what I’m saying?Nothing will become of everything that we plan Understand and understood GodSee we goin’ show them the strength in what we doingCause this is for he babies (indeed)That’s why it’s on the strengthEverything is on the strength […]

Never Again

* appeared on "Wu-Tang Killa Bees The Swarm Vol 1" w/ a different beat {*man praying in Hebrew during intro*} [Intro: Remedy]Feel this,To all those races, colors, and creeds, every man bleeds for the countless victims and all their families ofthe murdered, tortured and slaved, raped, robbed and persecutedNever Again, To the men, women, and […]