Living In Danger

Rap: Live for yourself, it’s a wonderful thingYou can so what you want, you can live in a dreamGet in, get up, get the rhythm, get down You’re living your life in peace and in harmonyYou making your own desisionsThat’s how it’s got to be for you and meSo many people are running around and […]

Happy Nation

Latin Spoken: laudate omnes gentes laudatemagnificat in seculaet anima mea laudatemagnificat in secula Chorus: Happy nation, living in a happy nation where the people understand and dream of the perfect man. A situation leading to a sweet salvation for the people, for the good, for mankind brotherhood. (We’re traveling in time) Ideas by man and […]

All That She Wants

She leads a lonely lifeShe leads a lonely life When she woke up late in the morning lightAnd the day had just begunShe opened up her eyes and thoughtOh what a morning It’s not a day for workIt’s a day for catching tanJust laying on the beach and having funShe’s going to get you Chorus: […]

Don’t Turn Around

Spoken:I will survive without you. If you wanna leaveI won’t beg you to sayAnd if you gotta go darlingMaybe it’s better that way I’m gonna be strongI’m gonna do fine Spoken:Don’t worry about this heart of mineJust walk out the doorSee if I careGo on and go, but Chorus: Don’t turn around‘Cause you’re gonna see […]