Now Is The Time

[Kokane & {Snoop Dogg}]Oh…….Chassa-dee{They say Tray Deee is a ragy baby – he’s way too crazy}From the LBCChassa-dee{They say Tray Deee is a ragy baby – he’s way too crazy}La da da da da da da{They say Tray Deee is a ragy baby – he’s way too crazy}From the LB….LB{They say Tray Deee is a […]

So Low

[Lil’ Mo (Kokane)]Roll with meCome smoke with me (Smoke with me)Come close to meSo low (Come flow with me)Dance with meTake a chance with me (This is your chance)Take a dip with meDon’t go [Snoop Dogg]Oh no, I have a party to attendWith some civilized people, and some more of my friendsI wish I could […]

Mac Bible Chapter 211 Verse 20-21

[Mac Minista]There’s a scripture in the Mac Bible that says‘He that trusts a ho, shall surely be broke’‘Pressure busts a pipe that make water run uphill’Alotta you niggas talk that shitBut half you niggas ain’t realWill the real niggas stand up and be countedOr lay down and be mountedCuz this game is not a playground, […]

Dogghouse In Your Mouth

[Snoop Dogg]1998, Dogghouse Records steps on the sceneUnlike any other record label, we plan to get greenAnd keep it clean, and stay oh so meanSo rough so tough, haha [Suga Free]What his here? This for them suckasNigga I came from a long line of playasthat ain’t scared of NAR’ ONE OF Y’ALL MOTHERFUCKERS!!I see these […]

I Luv It

[Snoop Dogg]Eastsidaz come out and playEastsidaz come out and play [Goldie Loc]Eastside!one five, two*cough*oneTwo oh, one eastside one fiveYeah, uh-huh, uh-huhWe finna show you motherfuckers whats happeninTray Dee [Tray Dee]Comin in front and center state ya name and gameYeah them eastsidaz back and we came to bang (eastside)Givin it up, pistols and chucks, rags hanginStricly […]