Bitch Please II

[Dre] Yeah whattup Detroit?[Snoop] Nu-uh, nu-uh nuh-no he didn’t! Ahhh! They didn’t do it again, what-what, what-what? Did you shit on these niggaz two times Dr. Dre?[Dre] Oh fo’ sho’![Snoop] Uh-uh, naw, ya smell that? This is special right here What-what, what-what-what? Yeah, it’s a toast to the boogie baby Uhh, to the boogie-oogie-oogie Yeah, […]


(kill kill kill)Dahh dum dahh dum.. dumDahh dum dahh dum duh da da da da(kill kill kill)Dahh dum dahh dum.. dumDahh dum dahh dum dumm..(kill kill kill)Chorus: EminemMentally illll from Amityvilllle (ILLLL)Accidentally killll your family stillllThinkin he won’t? God damnit he willll (HE’SSSS)Mentally illll from Amityvilllle** {HE’SSSS} on repeats only **[Eminem]I get lifted and spit […]

Remember Me?

(RBX)Remember me? ("There be executions")Remember me? ("I have no remorse")Remember me? ("I’m high, WOW!")Remember me? ("I drop bombs like Hiroshima")For this, why it’s the X, you retarded?‘Cause I grab the mic and get down, like syndromeHide in Rome and to the masses, without boundariesWhice qualifies me for the term "universal"Without no rehearsal, colleaged words is […]


Chorus: Dido My tea’s gone cold I’m wondering why out of bed at allThe morning rain clouds up my window..and I can’t see at allAnd even if I could it’ll all be gray,but your picture on my wallIt reminds me, that it’s not so bad,it’s not so bad.. 1st Chorus: volume gradually grows over […]

Marshall Mathers

[Eminem]You know I just don’t get itLast year I was nobodyThis year I’m sellin recordsNow everybody wants to come around like I owe em somethinHeh, the fuck you want from me, ten million dollars?Get the fuck out of hereChorus One: EminemYou see I’m, just Marshall Mathers (Marshall Mathers)I’m just a regular guy,I don’t know why […]