Blaze A 50

Blaze a 50, sit back in the drop top Bezour Bentley.of course wit me, this chick who’d make Bobby divorce Whitney.Brizilian candy, from Miami.massouse, wedding ring on, lovin Celine Dion.hate rap, told me where she get caked at.shes a part time danca, part time romanca.tries to be a mother when she gets a chance ta.left […]

Black Zombie"

Uhh [Nas]Yo, you believe when they say we ain’t shit, we can’t grow?All we are is dope dealers, and gangstas and hoes?And you believe when they be tellin you lie, all on the media?They make the world look crazy to keep you inside?Why you listen when the teachers at schoolknow you a young single parent […]

No Idea's Original

Uhh, uhhUhhh, uhhh, uhhh [Intro: repeat 2X]No idea’s original, there’s nothin new under the sunIt’s never what you do, but how it’s doneWhat you base your happiness around material, women, and large paperThat means you inferior, not major [Nas]If niggaz could look inside my mind, you’ll findwhere bodies are buried, first look past the hotties […]

Poppa Was A Playa

To My Nigger who brought me in this worldTaught us right Nigger My old dad imported to the family structureProvide her GodMy moms a queen at university civalizaMy pops maybe was late but always came homeMy moms would put us to bed and she would wait onSoon as he walk in the door she barkingI […]


Light it, uhhLight it up, uhh [Nas]The whole, city is mine, prettiest DonI don’t like the way P. Diddy did Shyne with different lawyersWhy it’s mentioned in my rhymes? Fuck it, it’s just an introHate it or love it, like it bump it or dump itWriting, across the stomach spell GOD sonLife is like a […]