I’d have to be strongStronger than a mountain babyTo not crumble at the touch of your hand, of your handI’d have to stop timeTo stop this love inside me babyTo not reach each night for youTo not need you like I do I’d have to be super humanMade out of stone, made out of steelTo […]

Open Arms

MMMmmmm yeah Hey hey MMMmmmm Listen baby, it’s been a while since I’ve talked to you And you’ve talked to me So this song is especially for you and I Listen closely baby Why can’t we sit by the fireplace and play telepathy I want to read your mind and see if you thinking about […]

So Fine

She’s so fine, fine, fineShe’s a dime, dime, dimeShe’s so fine, fine, fineShe’s all mine, mine, mine She can make you lose control, but I’m a keep it on the lowJust to see her pretty face makes you want her (want her)Can’t explain the way it feels, but I know the feelings realI can’t wait […]

Just Because

Just because I’m all G’d up, doesn’tmean I’m out to cutJust because,boo,I got game,doesn’tmean I’ll forget your name Because I push a 6, doesn’t mean I’ll ego tripIt’s hard to believe a playa like me,could treat you like a lady ……. Just Because Hearing my name every other day, people gonna say what they wanna […]


Oh, hey…Oh, yeah, oh, yeahTo youMmm…mmm…mmm…Oh, yeah, babe My whole life has changedSince you came in, I knew back thenYou were that special oneI’m so in love, so deep in love You make my love completeYou are so sweet, no one competesGlad you came into my lifeYou blind me with your love, with you I […]